judith curryThe Australian magazine Quadrant has an excellent interview with climatologist Judith Curry, of Georgia Tech, who is one of the most notable converts from global warming alarmism to climate skepticism.

Curry is an articulate and forceful defender of the scientific method against contemporary efforts to replace it with nonscientific (and indeed irrational) notions such as assertions of consensus, arguments from authority, and attacks on scientific skepticism and dissent as “denialism,” with their repugnant imputations of Nazi sympathies. That such a defense of science is necessary shows the immense success of relativism and multiculturalism in recent decades, which have obliterated standards of argument and expression.

The destructive effects of the government-sponsored rush to establish the idea of global warming as a worldwide crisis and suppress all real investigation into the matter is a revealing example of government corruption of the academy and the very process of intellectual endeavor. It’s that important, and the Quadrant interview provides a very good overview of the current state of the climate debate. Read it here.