The best-reviewed movie of the first half of the year was . . .


Image from Disney-Pixar film Ratatouille

So reports the Rotten Tomatoes website, as noted in the Hollywood Reporter.

The Disney-Pixar computer-animated release directed by Brad Bird (The Incredibles) was joined at the top of the heap by a group of films consisting mostly of critical favorites that did poorly at the box office—with Knocked Up being the major exception.

The worst-reviewed movie was Because I Said So, and other critical disasters included The Number 23, Premonition, and The Reaping, suggesting critics have had about enough of the supernatural genre.

Also predictably coming in for critical disdain were wacky comedies such as Norbit, Are We Done Yet?, and Code Name: The Cleaner.

The full top and bottom ten lists are available in the Hollywood Reporter story.