A British organization’s crusade against a new Barbie doll is an embarrassment to Christianity.

DC comics character The Black Canary and the Barbie doll based on her 


Some things are not good but are not worth worrying about and certainly not worth complaining about. Others are basically innocent but nonetheless manage to run afoul of the self-appointed neopuritan cultural avengers who infest the United States and, to a lesser extent, Great Britain.

The Black Canary Barbie is one of those perfectly harmless items that has come under attack. As the Chicago Sun-Times reports, a British Christian organization has attacked the Mattel toy company for releasing a Barbie doll dressed as the DC comic book heroine known as the Black Canary (photo aove). The doll is clad in black, as the name suggests and in accordance with the character, and her habiliments consist of a leather body suit, jacket, gloves, boots, and fishnet stockings.

The dolls are intended mainly for adults, as part of the Barbie Loves Pop Culture series, and cost more than twice as much as the Barbie dolls marketed to children. One would imagine that the great majority of parents would steer their little dears toward the more conventional options in the Barbie line.

Nonetheless, the Christian Voice organization in Great Britain has decided to stop talking about Jesus for a while in order to go on a crusade against a doll. The Sun-Times story reports:

"Barbie has always been on the tarty side and this is taking it too far," the group said in a statement that was picked up by the British tabloid the Sun.

The Sun-Times story archly notes that "Christian Voice is known on the other side of the pond for its extremist views." This is precisely the kind of loudmouthed, tin-eared, fun-hating, arrogant, priggish idiocy that makes many non-Christians think all Christians must be a bit loony. Christian Voice should get off of Barbie and get down to the business of telling people what the Bible really says.

Hint: there’s nothing about Barbie in it.