Jenny Morse is an excellent libertarian writer and thinker, with a Ph.D. in economics, who holds to traditional moral positions and points out that government in the United States is a huge factor contributing to the undermining of the moral values that make freedom, economic productivity, and social progress possible.

Jenny has written a very pointed and correct letter to the editor in response to a syndicated cartoon by Berk Breathed. I reprint it here for your edification:

ACTION ALERT: Take a Stand for Fatherhood!

Yesterday’s ‘Opus’ comic strip by Berkeley Breathed really had me broiling. What a horrible depiction of men and fatherhood, as is becoming all too prevalent in societies all over the world. If you haven’t already seen it, you can find it here. I wrote the following letter to the editor of my newspaper. I hope you will do so as well, urging them to cancel this cartoon in their newspapers.
Keep your eyes peeled on and for my article in response to this trash.

To the Editor of the San Diego Union Tribune,

The comic strip "Opus" by Berkeley Breathed should be discontinued immediately. This Sunday’s strip depicted three characters talking about a child of their acquaintance with two mothers. They speculate "Makes you wonder how he’ll do without a male role model in the house." The visual answer to that: an angry, inebriated, misogynist father throwing a TV out the window and swearing at the baseball player.

The comic should be pulled immediately, for these reasons:

1. It wasn’t funny.

2. It was mean.

3. It was anti-male, anti-father hate speech. If you doubt that, imagine if the images had been reversed: an innocent white male married father confronts an unattractive out of control gay person. The Human Rights Campaign would go ballistic. In my opinion, this comic is reason enough for happily married women to go ballistic at the intentional assault on their husbands.

4. It was in extremely poor taste to run an anti-father cartoon the week before Fathers Day.

Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D.

I think that Jenny’s conclusion, that the cartoon is both stupid and wicked, is quite sound.

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