Modern liberals can be funny animals. Here we are over 30 years post Roe v. Wade, with a growing number of Americans, over half, considering themselves pro-life because 30 years of technological progress makes it very, very clear that that clump of tissue in pregnant woman’s belly looks remarkably like a human being. Yet now they are treating a politician who stopped a bill via filibuster in Texas that would have banned abortion after 20 weeks as a hero.  And I would guess in red Texas (sounds so strange to we who grew up during the Cold War) that the percentage of people who consider themselves pro-life is greater than the country as a whole.  And they say we conservatives are on the wrong side of history.

Feminists are so concerned that state governments are going to take away their precious “constitutional right” to kill their child in the womb that they are now coming out of the closet to tell the world about their own abortions. Such was a piece in the New York Times this week called “My Mother’s Abortion”.  It starts this way:

On June 25, I sat with my mother and sister in the gallery of the Texas State Senate to support Wendy Davis, a Democratic senator, in her filibuster against legislation that would limit abortions after 20 weeks and impose new regulations that would leave just a few abortion clinics open.

We were part of the crowd who raised our voices in anger as the Republicans who control the Legislature tried to shut down Ms. Davis, who spoke continuously for about 11 hours — unable to eat, drink, sit, lean or use the bathroom — to run out the clock on the session. We remained in the gallery until 1:30 a.m. on June 26, when state troopers finally made us leave. An hour and a half later, celebration erupted when we learned that the filibuster had succeeded.

A celebration, mind you, so that women in Texas can still have the opportunity to snuff out the life (actually, it’s much more gruesome than that, because the fetus is cut up and taken out in pieces then put back together to make sure nothing is missing) of their unborn baby, a fetus that looks similar to the one in the picture above. No wonder the vast majority of Americans think this is simply wrong, because unless you are completely blinded by ideology, like almost the whole of the current Democrat Party, you know that this little creature in its mother’s tummy deserves protection by law.

You can tell just how actually wrong this is when feminists who have been fighting for “reproductive freedom” all their lives have been ashamed of their own abortions. Such is the mother of the writer of the Times piece:

Until recently, fear of shame has kept her quiet about her experience, even as she passionately, publicly supported reproductive freedom. This is the first time we’ve discussed her abortion in public. . . . .

Recently, I heard my mother reveal her experience to four friends who are devoted to protecting women’s right to choose. Strikingly, two of them revealed that they had had an abortion, and the other two had close friends who’d had an abortion. None had told my mother before.

The writer considers, as she says in the last sentence of the piece, coming out like this a “show of bravery.” Really? Why would that be? Why should one be ashamed of or need to be brave to discuss a medical procedure? And one, no less, that has the imprimatur of the highest court in the land! Can you imagine someone who is ashamed of having an appendectomy?  Or course not. Getting clumps of tissue taken out of your body doesn’t induce shame; tearing out life, limb from limb does, and it should.

(You might want to read a piece that I was very happy to see this week that contrasts starkly with the one in the Times called My Mother’s Adoption: A Tale of Two Texans.)