The Destroyer series of novels, featuring all-American hero Remo Williams, continues with a new installment, The New Destroyer: Dead Reckoning.


The New Destroyer: Dead Reckoning is a continuation of Warren Murphy’s long-running series (37 years with several different co-authors, nearly 40 million copies sold) of rousing adventure tales featuring hero Remo Williams.

The Remo Williams books feature massive political incorrectness, much humor, strong stories, interesting characters, real villains, action and adventure, unabashed patriotism, clever and often prescient insights into international affairs, an unapologetically right-wing point of view, and much more. They’re well worth reading.

Note: Remo Williams is called The New Destroyer in this book because after the 1980s, publishers put out several years’ worth of rather inferior installments in the series after the new book’s co-author, James Mullaney, stopped writing for the series. Now that Mullaney’s back and the series has a new publisher, they’ve renamed the series to convey this new beginning.

Co-author James Mullaney discusses The New Destroyer: Dead Reckoning with John J. Miller of National Review Online. For audio playback, click here.

Good news from the interview: there may be a new Remo Williams movie on the way.