Over the last 60 years in America the plight of blacks and other minorities in this country has gone from a poor situation to an unbearably bad one. The glorious and noble undertaking of engineered racial harmony in America is exhausted. Everything that was supposed to have happened, hasn’t. Everything that wasn’t supposed to happen, has. No progressive program instituted during the last 60 years to lift minorities up out of poverty has succeeded. Sure, there have been successes, but the hundreds of programs designed and funded at taxpayer expense, failed according to the standards set by their so-called progressive authors. 

Poverty is still the number one issue facing minorities, despite trillions of dollars spent to reverse it. Unemployment among minorities is routinely double the white American unemployment rate, despite generous minority quota programs. The rate of children born out of wedlock has only escalated, even with modern birth-control methods and public-school sex education. The absence of a husband and father contributes, at least to some degree, to the alarming rise in abortions among minorities. Inner cities and inner-city schools are predominantly run by African Americans. Yet most of these cities routinely rank last among places to live.

Any attempt to critique this status quo without first giving the proper amount of homage to historical injustices, specific mentions of past victims, and a promise to do more through social programs will lead to shouting and name-calling. This is especially so if one is a white-male-conservative such as Congressman Paul Ryan.

So here we are in 2014, and what has our “investment” gotten us? If you are a Democrat strategist or politician, the taxpayers’ money has gotten you many, many election victories. If you are an American, black, white, or otherwise, who pays taxes, the answer is nothing. If you are a racial economic-equality advocate or a social activist for racial harmony—you too got nothing for your dollar. A recent Gallup poll confirmed a widening economic gap between white Americans and blacks and other minorities. Political opposition between the two blocs is intensifying. Even more shocking is that racial polarization and party preference by race increased since President Obama moved into the White House.

We are a nation that is socially and politically simmering with hate, distrust, and envy. The white majority feels it is being marginalized institutionally and weakened politically, a trend that will eventually hit a wall, for better or worse. The minorities are falling behind and will fall further, which likewise is a trend that will eventually hit a wall, for better or worse.

Meanwhile, the differences between the two are played off against the other by a political class that cares very little about either. The only thing liberal activists, progressive politicians, and race mongers do publicly to address the mess they created is to gin up hostility and paranoia whenever an election approaches.

Politically, they create a police state to prevent the great American melting pot from becoming a pressure cooker. 

If our political elites and liberal do-gooders want to help America and prevent it from imploding along racial lines, they only need to do one thing: Stop!

J.B. Corley is the founder of Members of the Right, a populist conservative online publication.